The problem with society is that it doesn't connect at a conscious level but tries to connect at the level of personal definitions and belief. It is the long way around the barn..
And those that try extra hard to be accomodating to all beliefs are the ones furthest removed from themselves and their connection to others. They give themselves away by their smoke and mirror diatribe, never investing themselves within their own creation, always trying to protect themselves.
This is what is in spiritual terms called Hell.

TT As you know, my problem is that I personally lack any religious belief (in Hell too!) and I am conscious of the distress I can cause by stating that. I normally do not do so, and whilst this is cowardly I suppose, Australia is a tolerant place where we are all allowed our own flights of fancy without ever having to justify our beliefs. I have absolutely no idea what the beliefs of my members of Parliament are for example. It's a country of luke-warm fervour on most things, except sport, and that is not sarcastic, it's true! I like it that way.

I have no issue with the god concept for others who believe, but I myself do not believe it is the truth. I was (as you can imagine) much intrigued by the research into the god spot in the brain, where some people's brains lit up when contemplating god-like things and others--just didn't. I was pleased with that as it reassured me that I was merely reacting as one of the latter group. Incidentally there was, I believe an hereditory factor to the responses. Stands to reason really.