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Hey TT,
What is the source or goal of human Life?

The absolute ONE.
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Our source was a seed of divinity (intelligence) and our goal is to grow into divinity.

Our source is the absolute. Intelligence which is also divinity creates through the movement of intelligence. What is created from divinity is divine in nature. Our goal as beings that experience ourselves as other than divine is to return to our heritage.
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Death is the end of Life, the force returns to the source.

Death is an illusion, we never left our source. Life of the ego is dual in nature and perceives its information of identity through the duality of life and death.
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Heaven is a fantasy of Life, and due to the creative power of 'one', Life can attain and ascend to in the future.

Heaven is the realm of consciousness within the dual world and also in its seat of power in spirit, living with one foot in both worlds. Time is a construct of duality, used to facilitate the experience of progression or evolution. The future never really comes, there is only NOW. The past, present and future are all NOW.
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It is not possible to live an ideal heavenly Life in this world, here and now. Unless you could lie to yourself and that would kinda blow your heavenly. We are one.

It is not possible for the ego.
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Yes it is possible to heal (change) the Human of Earth. It can happen with the accomplishment of the basic goal of all Religion and Philosophy, Unity.

That is correct.
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