Ellis says
I don't believe so. I think that there is no consciousness after death, no heaven, no reincarnation, just death.
OK, Ellis, I accept, with respect, that it is your right to be a true atheist and to believe in that which makes you truly happy. So let it be! Be happy.

Interestingly, you do add:
However, I also think that being alive is, in itself, important and when we eventually die we can hope that those who knew us will miss us and be sorry that we have gone - and remember us with happiness now and then.
Ellis, your comments pose several questions:

1. What if you lived the life of a good hermit? Who would be around to remember you?

2. What if you died a criminal? Who would care to remember you?

3. If for you, death is the end of your personal consciousness, why would you have any care as to who remembers you? Or not?