It's just the win thing. There's no competition. I am sure most of us want to feel that we have achieved some degree of happiness and contentment in our life and are able to face the new day with some anticipation of pleasure. Is this winning? I don't think so because there really is no such thing as everyone winning. In order for me to win there has to be a loser, so that I can think well I've done better than that person. I'm cleverer, I'm prettier, I'm richer, I'm more loved by god because I am not sinful etc etc. Winning invites comparison, with others, whereas we should be concentrating on our own actions and behaviours. (I thnk). Life is not some great examination where the winner gets eternal life. There is no right way to live, there is no prize at the end... we need to find a way to live that ensures we are proud of what we have done and acknowledge that perhaps we could have done more--- before we fade to black!