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Tolle is a communicator--in the written and spoken word. His communications are mostly transparent, consistent, to the point and a joy to read. He also speaks with the same clarity.
Yes I've heard you say that, but I haven't heard you speak from what you have heard, anything that is within the meanings of what he speaks of. What I have heard you say about his subject of the NOW is what you translate through your current understanding.
This is the same kind of translation that is varied from religious belief to religious belief when someone speaks of God.
Without the actual experience of God within all religions one builds a castle of belief and lives within those particular walls without seeing the bigger picture.
Castle walls are from where you communicate, where as Tolle communicates free from the walls.
You still have too many judgments and internal stresses about how things should look and what you like to be objective enough to hear anything more than what you are used to echoing within the walls you have built.
That's not a bad thing its just part of the ego and the way it clings to identification.

BTW, you've made it obvious that you like summarization and have little patience for taking the time to spend within the written word unless it entertains you.
You miss alot by being selective to the impulse for instant gratification. How much reading of Tolle, and How many of the YouTube blurbs would you think it would take to become an expert on Tolle and his descriptions of the NOW?
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!