The following link points out the importance of our accepting the need to be aware of being personally responsible for our total health:,1_84946_AI1k%2FNgAAKXXSQCzDAbFohwxkdA,1_83465_AItk%2FNgAAT8OSP9FigxUMzmHByU,1_82420_AIpk%2FNgAAMCqSP6ADgm4Li%2B1rgk,1_81931_AIpk%2FNgAAK6NSP5ACg5ualk2VQU,1_82959_AItk%2FNgAATylSP6rrwlIX2p5L4g,

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Keep in mind that, other than personal experience, I have no double-blind evidence to go on. However, because of the help I have received, I have the the strong feeling that the information presented by Rgarden is valid.

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