Intelligence is not required....
Language often fails to bring out the essence of reality and so when we describe our experiences or thoughts into language or symbolism there is no universal requirement to automatically generate understanding or comprehension.
It is one thing to understand a car and that they exist in the world, then it is another to drive one and understand how it feels to drive one, then there is the understanding of the mechanics of the car and while driving one may have an expanded awareness of the cars mechanical function, its position in traffic and necessity of use in traveling across town etc. etc.
When talking about God, without the experience of God, all language and symbolism is relative to the person speaking and their beliefs and then whatever language and symbolic comprehension of one receptive to the creator of the language or symbols.
Look at it this way. If God created everything, how come we do not all understand God and his creation the same way or in fact at all?
If there could be such a gap between God's language and our understanding, imagine how ineffective our own language and symbology is.
It was once described to me that Sanskrit is the oldest living language on Earth with its origin based on resonance. Humans having lost their ability to naturally communicate intuitively or by telepathic means began to form language based on the resonant vibration of each object.
Take for instance the word "Cow." If no one had seen a "Cow" there would be no association to the animal itself, its shape, its habits, its smell, its relative size.. In the vibrational language of Sanskrit the word would imbue every aspect of its being into conscious awareness when spoken.
In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali there is a word called Samyamah which refers to tuning to the vibrational resonance of an object to instantly know everything about it.
In the recent discoveries of String Theory it is said that particles are created by vibratory tuning, like consciousness manufacturing time and space by intention leaving a vibratory blueprint within the object that can be tuned into.
If this vibrational resonance were to be described as God's language we could more closely understand the nature of intuition or in more spiritual terms the voice of God or the Holy spirit and how we tune into God as Jesus described his communion with God.

With the way we create symbols and language and with the ego being partial to sense oriented memory association, symbols trigger reactions rather than complete knowledge.
If someone places a Cross and a swastika next to each other the senses connect to belief and opinion as it is oriented to some kind of knowledge or memory, and also feelings regardless of the intent of whoever places the symbols out to view.

I suppose one could say symbols and acronyms are a good thing, but then if they spark resentment due to an opposing belief are they still good? And are those who create symbols, in an position of natural authority connected to the essence of truth and reality in which to lead others to their own true connection to truth and reality?

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