For decades I have thought of people as being as much a part of GOD as we are of the cosmos.
Then obviously there is no expectation or presumptions on the readers when you say
With over 1000 clicks--and in just a few days--on this topic surely there are others--besides the less than a handful who post here--who are willing to say: This I choose to believe (I presume it means to be + live), or not to believe.

Obviously there are those who are less than energetic about making their statements for the benefit of someone who has no need to be convinced that God exists. Making statements or expressing ones beliefs doesn't reinforce them unless they aren't convinced themselves, in which case why make a statement in the face of someone who is so adamant toward their own beliefs?

Perhaps you could make a statement as to why one should be involved in this conversation?

Obviously you like to talk about yourself, but perhaps others aren't as comfortable talking about themselves or feeling like they have to prove something, or agree or disagree.

By the way this is just a social invitation to a discussion, not a picture meant to be solidified into any particular meaning unless you should feel it necessary to do so.

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