Do you know the difference between intellectualizing, and being the now?

And can you answer my other questions?

I'm OK if you can't, or if you don't understand the subject matter. But I think it would be an interesting scenario and opportunity for you to have you witness what is actually rising within you rather than what you think from the surface of the mind.
Its OK to be a follower of great ideas but all too often followers have no idea what it is that they are following as was evidenced by the masses who followed Jesus back in the day.

Eckhart Tolle has a great following but without the experience of what it is he speaks of, they can only create images within their minds and memory relative to the past impressions they have of reality.
This is not living in the now, it is thinking within a present moment that relies heavily on the past.
A condition of egoic referencing or judgment.

You do that a lot Rev., which is why I would like to see if you can actually bring the now forward into experience.
That would be a win win situation.

By the way, desirabilty in reference to God is a relative and sometimes religious idea that leans heavily on projection and often illusory perspectives.
It's all God and its all Good. Desirability in God would be whatever leads to bringing the awareness into the now, even if it is painful to the pride of ones idealism.
Wholeness is without pride and ego for they are limiting to the nature of the Soul. One cannot be whole with their ego as the lid on the quart jar of a personal God and any opinion regardless of how sincere it is, if it limits God in experience and expression of the now.

One way that experience is limited is when Oneness is idealized by the intellect under the influence of the ego, and at-one-ment is an agreement of personal idealism. Or when one sees or hears something and attaches everything desirous of the personal and it is anchored by belief rather than a connectedness to universal law.
Universal law unites all things regardless of personality and beliefs in idealism. It stands eternal whereas beliefs and personality are constantly changing and evolving based on conscious awareness of reality.
Evidence of such evolution is the attachment to symbolism. Ideas regarding the nature of reality are translated into idolistic markers that are heavily leaned upon until something better comes along, in which case the old idol is replaced with a new one and with new meanings.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!