I assume you quote scripture from the bible because you see it as an authority since you use scripture to prove a point on one hand, yet, at other times, you say that your perception of God is impersonal on the other?

Also, you've mentioned that you see Eckhart Tolle as presenting the truth, which surprises me. Eckhart Tolle's references to scripture are interpretive, whereas when you have referred to scripture, which I've looked up every time, you do not interpret or give your own bent, but really have taken the time to take and use in context, which I really admire. You don't twist it to mean what you want it to say like Eckhart Tolle does. Check it out for yourself. I think you'll see that you are much more consistent than he is. The only part that I take issue with is your saying God is impersonal when the bible is pretty clear on that. Maybe the old testament hasn't been your focus as much as the new testament. But even in the new testament, Jesus clearly states that He and the Father are One, that He is to be worshiped as Lord. So either Jesus was crazy or He really is God. Eckhart Tolle doesn't get it. It seems you are closer than the truth than the so-called experts you may be trying to rely on to valid your views. I'd say, stick with your own path of seeking the truth, especially biblically. You're closer to it than some of those you quote.

Tolle thinks Buddha and Jesus were basically the same person, the whole Christ-consciousness theory. He is so far off on this. Buddha didn't die and rise again, or even claim to. He didn't claim to be God, Jesus did. Buddhism doesn't support a personal God, Jesus does... very personal, about as personal as you can get, AND one that is in everything, created everything and will resolve everything in the end. The Dalai Lama doesn't even believe in a god, let alone God, or prayer... just being happy. Try that on your own... aarrgg. I've tried just being happy and then I look at all the suffering in the world, babies starving, and it gets really hard to do without believing in a personal God that promises to resolve it all.... what a big job .. but I guess a God who IS LOVE can do that. Why does a God that is pure Love allow all this crap to happen? I can hardly wait to find out. It will take a huge paradigm shift and I don't think we're there quite yet... So I say, follow your own research and not someone else's, meditating on that idea of pure Love... relate to that ... bend our minds around that ... and stay open until it's clear... don't let our minds solidify around someone elses philosophy, and we might get there some day. Like I said, I can hardly wait. I just love those ah-ha moments and that's going to be the best one.