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I am also very familiar with the method of the closed mind that will not address the subject being presented but instead attack the presenter. "Kill the messenger"

Yes that was obvious, which is why I said not to make it about you.
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The home page of the site does deal explicitly with the idea of "teaching the world a word". You skiped right over that and went to find some facet of me personally that you could denigrate.

No that would be the idea created from separation rather than Unity. I couldn't possibly take anything from you that isn't a part of you.
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I use Galileo and Einstein as reference because their revelations are on the same line as mine, potential.
Galileo saw the Macro.
Einstein saw the micro.
I see here and now and what can be if we make this connection in the minds of mankind.

So the potential in the here and now was a reaction and an attack toward you and your message....

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I drink from the cup constantly, would you like some?

Not from that cup...no thank you very much.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!