To get the joke, below, and the serious point which follows, one needs to know that, whether we do it or not, we Canadians have the reputation for ending many of our comments, especially ones to which we seek a response, with the interjection-like question, eh?
One night, God listened to a certain lugubrious Canadian--who ironically, was often, also, ludicrous--saying his prayers, filled with lots of whining "ehs?".

When he finished, God asked him, "Why are you Canadians always so down on yourselves? You live in one of the best countries in the world and yet you seem to love to wallow in bad news. And you are always asking me questions like, why me, God?"

The Canadian said, "Don't you understand, it is because most of us are practical eh?theists..."

Atheists? shocked If you're an atheist, why are you saying your prayers then?", God asked, in a state of shock.

"No, I am not an atheist. Here, let me write it for you...EH?theist...There, see that? We may be whiners, but at least we have faith enough to think that you just might be there, or here, or both ... eh?

"I get it." God said, with a broad smile and a big laugh

"I also get the hint." God said, "You want answers, and not just ones filled with a lot of doom and gloom, the kind which, too often, make the lead stories in all the media. I must say that there are times when even I question which side they are on. Yeah, they alway argue that they have to cover all the news--the good and the bad--and be as objective about it as possible. Give me a break!
They reminds me of the prophets of doom and gloom, especially that Jeremiah. Perhaps I need to tell them to cut it out.

Oh, Me! Oh, My! Jeremiah's book of LAMENTATIONS reads like he was the city editor of the Jerusalem Times, in 586 BCE. It is full of so much bad news.

"Yea! You're really the one with all the answers, aren't you? If so, now that we have the Internet, why don't you set up your own Web Pages and give us the truth as you know it. I for one will be all ears. You obviously know that I did some work in the media, eh?.

God said, "That's not a bad idea. Maybe it is time for me, using the Internet--web cams and all--to call together all the social leaders of the world--political, business and religious leaders, media moguls, educationalists, economists, unionists, philosophers, scientists, and the like, and put them together with all who claim to speak for me--all the synagogue, mosque, temple and church leaders.

Maybe they will be able hammer out a ... well let's go into details at another time

"BTW, God," I have one final question, for now: "God, where the #@%&^ are you speaking from, anyway, eh?

But seriously, we need a theology with a sense of humour, eh? Let's give thanks to God, G?d, G-d, G$d, or GOD for good humour. And for a theology which is not afraid to poke fun at itself, or to question Him? Or is it Her? smile
BTW, you secular atheists are free to call him/her "Nature". Or do you deny there is such a thing as "Nature"? Go ahead, I dare you! smile
I rather like the all-inclusive, "GØD", as in my signature, if you know what I mean.

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