This just came to me: If there was only one Jesus of Nazareth it is obvious that he was not overly concerned about catering to his ego-mind (psyche). Otherwise he would have left us a definite record--an auto-bio about who he was and what was going on in his life and time. As I said (revised) in the old thread:

I have been asked many times: If by means of a magical time machine you were transported back in time and as a result of that experience you became convinced that there was no such a person as the Jesus of history, what would this do to your faith?

My response usually is: My focus is on the nature and meaning of the message, not on who was the messenger. Sure I would like to know more about our ancestors who lived in those day, but I suspect that what we call the Golden Rule, and other great love-based messages, is the work of many great people from all over. Perhaps several of them were called Jesus.

BTW, 'Jesus' literally means: "the I-am-ness in each of us is the source of salvation--total health."

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