I think I've kept up with reading this thread. I recall being often inspired as it developed; but I don't know what to respond to (or have the time to review it now?). So let me say something that is only obliquely related to my memories of this thread.

I think employing an acronym is a useful teaching tool, as well as a creative, artistic expression.

I like the way different religions serve as an illustration of how and what to seek, and the way they offer wise advice about living harmoniously and sustainably (with everlasting life). Similarly, acronyms and symbols offer a way to consolidate a lot of wisdom into a small point.

I suppose the whole "worshiping idols" problem comes up, but it's just a matter of knowing what your doing; not seeing things as a child might, with the idol as primary, but instead seeing the idol as a shorthand for so much more wisdom, experience, and insight.

I can see why religions sometimes frown on idols, because after one generation the children can easily begin missing the point, and begin seeing the idol as primary.
But as a teaching tool, or a point to focus a discussion upon, symbols and acronyms are a good thing, aren't they?
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