Just a thought, but if the presence is all around you, in you and through you always, and you have not seen, felt or been aware of it.
Question regarding this sentence: Did you leave it incomplete for a good reason?
What would you look for by inventing an action such as self prescribed meditation?
Is this a rhetorical question? If it is rhetorical, are you trying to persuade readers that you have evidence of an occult truth--one known only to you?

If so, we are all ears.

BTW, because they tend to put people on the defensive, I try to avoid asking rhetorical questions. Because I find it difficult to know what the proposer has in mind, I also try to avoid answering them. Without claiming that I have The Truth I prefer to dialogue and learn from others about the nature and art of meditation.

What would you tune into if you knew not what it is that was missing from your daily experience?
I have no idea what you have in mind. What do you have in mind? Are we having a dialogue, here? Or, is it a debate? My main interest is in dialogue.


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