TT, when you say
The enlightened know suffering is an illusion ...
are you quoting yourself? Or who?

Without any intention of being discourteous, this comment begs so many questions: Are you speaking for yourself? Do you think of yourself as one of "the enlightened" ones?

And, what do you think such a statement means to those of us who would like to be--here, I am inclined to include myself--but who do not feel we are fully enlightened, yet?
What of the partially enlightened?
What of those trapped entirely in their somas and psyches?
Would it make any sense at all to them?

Consider the following scenario:
I live in an area where, I am happy to say, we are all good neighbours to one another.

For example, currently, all of us do a good job keeping our properties neat and tidy. If, for whatever reason, any one of us lost our marbles, stopped keeping our property tidy, became paranoid and developed a violent, insulting personality and threw our garbage on the properties of others, do you think that all the rest of us would say: Not to worry; smile it is just an illusion?

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