Agree, or disagree, with what he says below,

Or do or say something other?
What exactly comes of comparing idea of agreement or disagreement?

his ideas challenge us to think. Here is your opportunity to meet him:

In my own communications with Shawn, I have come to understand that his statement is based on Eastern philosophy and his own exploration into spirituality and the Science of Yoga.
His ideas initiate conversation where people want to challenge and compare their own ideas.
Thinking does not necessarily lead to experience and more than often people think about having an experience and even speak of their thoughts in which they have no experience...
One does not necessarily get to truly know someone by reading some statement a person made a few years ago.
Without spending some quality time with someone, one on one it is often difficult for some to truly understand where someone is coming from.
IF we are engaging intuition here about knowing someone and their beliefs then I would like to know if others believe we can make a valid value judgment of someone and their beliefs thru a summarization of internet communication, and what value we gain by making judgments based on whether we agree with someone or not other than to place ourselves on some personal scale of comparison.

Where do you really want to go with this Rev.?

Are we validating or poo pooing the Science of Yoga, and then determining if neuroscience can replicate the natural process of intellectual choice and spiritual evolution, or just making chit chat to create a segue for you to speak again about what you believe?

Please try not to take offense with my blunt response, I realize you have a tendency to judge me by the inability to understand where I am coming from, which is why I think some clarity should be gained from making judgments regarding internet conversations and personal points of view.
True objectivity comes from loosening the restraints on personal agendas and beliefs. wink

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