Rev- that is how I myself wish to be remembered. Others may choose differently. And here are some further answers---

a) If I were a 'good' hermit then I would have chosen to isiolate myself from humanity and so would be OK with noone remembering me, in fact I would be happy (in my hermity way).

b) Criminals have people who love them- they may not LIKE the crim much, because I think one can choose whether to like someone or not, but love--- well that's a different story.

c) I have no idea. Odd isn't it? Probably ego of a different sort to the one TT talks about... I am very important to me!

TT- I did remark that they were metaphorical footprints. I like that poem. In spite of the mention of the soul it is a very hopeful point of view, and one I find agreeable. I merely suggest that Longfellow extends the possibility of leaving footprints to us all, not as a mentor but merely by being here, alive, and being entirely human.