Ellis, Speaking of ideas, this just in (p. AL5) www.nationalpost.com : Harvard study involving 320 adults confirms that SLEEP APNEA LINKED TO POOR DIET. Another item ALLERGIES ON THE RISE IN THE USA--probably includes other western nations, as well as Canada. Over the past 10 years there has been an 18% increase of people with digestive problems related to allergies.

On the same page there is a big story on newly-released research, WATCHING WHAT THEY EAT. It points out that "nearly all the food advertised on leading television channels" are aimed at children of all ages.

As one who believes that RELIGION MUST NOT BE SO HEAVENLY MINDED THAT IT IS NO EARTHLY GOOD smile decades ago at Willowdale United church, I helped establish www.flfcanada.com (Family Life Foundation) for the promotion of total health.

From the 60's to the 90's, the holistic nutritionists--
who were part of the FLF pneumatology holistic (body/mind/spirit) lecture series at Willowdale United church--all called attention to the way we are digging our early graves with our teeth. They were all strong advocates of education for diet reform.

It took a long time to awaken the media and governments which were then under the spell of big Pharma and the medical model. Are we finally at least coming to an awareness that we are responsible for our health?