I think she was making a point about religion being a package of ideas rather than any one of them being universal and applying to all.
When one says "my theology, my philosophy, my ethical or moral behavior, MY religion" and then goes on to make a comparison to another religion, philosophy, ethical and moral behaviors and beliefs, it becomes a package and a sales pitch.
Especially if they are making judgments regarding the earthly qualities of some elses choices and beliefs in comparison to their own.

So, in relation to the idea:

we do need a new philosophy of theology, God and religion. I wonder what He...Or is it She?--has in mind?

The most obvious reality if you are wondering what God has in mind (if I may be master of the obvious) because you do not know Gods mind, is to commune with Gods mind before you jump to any conclusions or further tread the path of philosophical assumptions and projections regarding Gods creation.

If Your philosophy, your religion, your ethical and moral judgments about what is good in regards to Gods earthly creation are without the understanding of God's mind they are just self created projections. You would have to know God to know if what you make yours is actually Gods.

Creating another philosophy would seem like throwing another dart at the target while blindfolded, and not knowing if you are even facing the target.

Telling one about God without knowing Gods mind would be rather hollow don't you think? Then to create a philosophy around a personal assumption would be even more ridiculous.

Though it does often make people feel good to come together in a club like atmosphere where they can join together in what they agree upon and condemn all that they don't believe is part of their established truths, its still created from conjecture and belief rather than the actual experience of being in communion with God.
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