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As I said,
But seriously, I do not find it easy, yet, to distinguish between the roles played by soma, psyche and pneuma.

However, With the help of others, including sincere experts, I plan to be able to do so sometime before I am called on to make the next--that is, next to birth and "great transition" commonly called, death.

My mother--45 when I was born--did it when she was only 50. My father was 64. An older brother, the family hero who helped raise my younger sister and I--we are the last in the family of 8--did it when he was 92. What a guy he was! That was in 2004.

Life truly is an interesting phenomenon, eh?

As long as you don't sic the moderator on the help because you're feeling intimidated, help may come in unusual ways.
Also you may have to relax your grip in the definition of dialogue to allow for the destruction of ignorance rather than trying to soothe it.

Life is interesting if one is open to it rather than pushing it away from fear and misunderstanding.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!