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All true healing methods intercept and transform the toxicity characteristic of emotions in one way or another, and all effective healing methods require siccinct mental surrender of our usual fearful control grip. The differences in the healing methods is only the means by which they convince others to momentarily surrender that control and let the transformation take place. I find that this is where all differences are the same.

In trying to surrender anything without something greater to turn towards there will always remain the difficulty that arises in the differences of opinion.
If the greater experience of Self is universal so that it resonates equally within each individual there can be not only the experience of unity but the awareness of the underlying principle which lives regardless of the personal experience.
It is only in that absolute which underlies the personal that everything is ONE, without any qualities of measure that the ego seeks so desperately to make its system of self(Ego)measure work.

If one lives in a room that is dark and full of shadows to try and force the mind to give up the shadows without knowing anything but shadows only stresses the mind and body. If you turn on the light and the shadows no longer exist the mind does not struggle in and amongst the self evident truth that exists in the clear vision of reality.

Transformation is simple enough if one has the tools to take the mind inward, beyond the illusions of the ego that are the shadows of belief and into the light of the ONE underlying reality that is truth.
There are many roads, not all of which lead to the same place, and some are more convoluted in their pathways that take one here and there to possibly in some lifetime lead one to the Truth. And then there are those which are more direct in their approach.
The enlightened have always maintained that the wheel does not have to reinvented by each individual or by each successive generation. One person who has found the direct path opens that path for all always. That is how intimately we are all connected.

Some say there are two paths, one being the Path of the Sages and one being the path of the Gods. The path of the Gods is the path of enjoyment, or the pleasing approach to the senses. Because there is so much to enjoy in life it is maintained that as long as we want to enjoy life we should. This is the freedom of choice that is given to man as the image of God, or free will.
The Path of the Sages is a path that takes the mind beyond the sense oriented addictions that the ego attaches itself to to go directly to its source. It is much more threatening to the ego.

In the story of Adam and Eve and the Tree of life, the Tree represents the human nervous system. The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil the human nervous system attached to the sensory images and experiences that give the ego its seat of power and the illusions of duality or good experiences and bad experiences.
The Adam or reasoning principle of the male half of the brain reasons according to logic while the Eve or love principle, the feminine half of the brain works with intuition. When they work together they support each other.
The eve principal becomes the muse to reason, and logic becomes a grounding principal to intuition which without logic becomes irrational and impulsively driven by emotional subjectivity. When they become dominant one over the other the Adam principle becomes destructive and the Eve principle ungrounded and impulsive.
Each of us as individuals have these two principles working within the left and right hemispheres of the brain. In the waking state of consciousness which is known as different from dreaming and sleeping states of consciousness the left and right hemispheres can be measured on an EEG and seen as chaotic and differing in their activity and function.
In deep meditation or as Abraham Maslow noted when he studied what is called the "peak experience" the left and right hemispheres of the brain come into perfect alignment, and brain wave patterns when measured by connecting leads to the parietal and occipital lobes of the brain show themselves to be cohesive rather than chaotic.
Given such a tool that can recreate this experience one only need to get out of the way and allow the experience of deep cohesive intellectual and physical resonance take the awareness beyond the conflicting boundaries of separation and difference to immerse ones self in a more objective point of life.
When the mind is situated in a more objectively aware and still point of reference, illusions which create stress within the nervous system do not cling to the nervous system, rather they pass through as energy without the ego qualifying the energy and reacting to it.
One becomes observant of emotions rather than being ruled by them or influenced by them. And as they refine their intellect and intuitive subtle senses, emotional content is not owned. Because or our connection to the collective consciousness it becomes apparent that emotional content is given to qualify the experience of the manifest and often clouds the individual experience of reality. When one becomes objective they become a witness to emotions and can see how they have become attached to limits of belief and limits of objectivity that block clear vision and understanding.

Ultimately programs that relieve the nervous system temporarily can cause some amount of healing but if the nervous system is returned to its normal Eden like state of being or the awareness is not able to stabilize itself within the Truth of reality and remain objective, it slowly returns to habit by engaging itself within limited boundaries of belief and idealism that becomes the apple of duality or the ego. Our emotions lead us back to judgment and false discernment between Truth absolute, and truth contained within relative beliefs of the ego.

In one sense the discovery of Truth which is built within the natural laws of human free will and reality are not new because Truth remains truth whether newly discovered or buried under ancient superstitious ritual of egoic activity for countless lifetimes.
There is a saying that if something can be thought of it can be realized for our consciousness becomes aware of those things that can be brought into direct experience when the time is right and the awareness is sharp enough to keep from suppressing energy and to allow it to come forth into manifestation.
As the intellect refines itself and the nervous system is freed from the illusions of egoic beliefs and fear that are separation from God or the One absolute, Energy is transformed and transmuted easily and effortlessly by desire.

There are no limits to the human condition other than those that are self imposed. We cannot heal anyone until we are healed ourselves. Only then can we find the perfection in all choices and all reflections of the absolute One.

All True methods whether labeled as new or Ancient are really the same path to the absolute. If the method is real it automatically draws the awareness toward it like a flame attracts a moth, one becomes willing to give up illusion for truth or ego for Self.
No amount of cajoling or convincing can force one to make that choice, it comes freely when they have had enough contrast to be able to understand the difference between illusion and reality.
Until then one can only patiently embrace the choices that create suffering in another as the marvelous workings of God in action.

So when it comes to speaking of moral, spiritual and ethical values, the words could create the illusion of similar subject matter but the depth of spiritual awareness or lack of it in those subjects create interpretive resonances to the page that contains the subject matter.
We all stand on the same planet but we hardly approach life on it in the same way. So it would be foolish to assume everyone speaking of spirituality is similarly on the same page and moving in the same direction.

Consciousness recognizes consciousness, and a clear nervous system is much more cognizant of reality than one that is cluttered with emotional judgment based on superstition and illusions of the ego.
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