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Socrates--who has been called "a Christian before Christ"-

Hmph! What on earth does that mean?

To be "Christed" in terms of definition was also said to be "Anointed with the Staff of Knowledge." The Staff of knowledge being the absolute/God.
Jesus when acknowledged as being the "Son of God" was known as being Christed or The Christ. In harmony with universal mind, absolute truth, or enlightened.
Socrates was enlightened by every indication of his intelligence and knowledge, maybe not as evolved as Jesus was but still much more than the common man who is still living within the identification of the world of shadows.
He was Imbued with a direct connection to"The Fount of All Wisdom" to use the Reverends label. A "Son of God" which is "enlightenment" and what Christianity is based on, a state of mind and body immersed in the experience of the now/absolute/God. Christianity didn't become a religion until rules of dialogue were applied to it and then rules and ideals of action or lifestyle applied to mimicking what the ego thought it saw, in and of Jesus while he lived and spoke of his enlightenment.

Psychology of reality when it comes from the ego is belief in shadows and the science derived from illusion.
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