Dear all,
To make an argument either way to whether God exists or not you must take all things into account. Science doesn't take God into account because science doesn't ask the question "is there a God?" Science asks "how does existence work?" Religion on the other hand asks "is there a God and who is IT?" Is there existence, Yes. How does existence come about, UNKNOWN.
The Big Bang wasn't observed, did it happen?
To say that religion is irrelivant because of something science said is untrue. There are many theories in science that postulate the existance of a God.

I am under the inclination that to know whether there is a God or not you have to SEEK God. If you want to know science you have to SEEK science.

Seeking means having an open mind, just like scientists should have an open mind.

Does anyone comprehend the size of the universe.
Look in any quadrant of the sky with a telescope powerful enough and you will look 13 billionish years into the past. How long did it take for the universe to get to that size from a Big Bang? Knowing that what you see 13 Billion years ago is Galaxies that look no different than Andromeda only farther away. How long did it take for Andromeda to Form? 5-15 billion years.(big guess there) So Galactic systems 13 billion light years away showing structures that are similar to Andromeda put the age of the Universe somewhere beyond 13 billion years by 5-15 billion years. What does that have to do with whether God exists or not? NOT one thing.

Seek God to know if there is a God, because science can't answer questions that science doesn't ask.