I have read Rushdie but I have my own opinion. Do you have one or am I talking to a parrot?

Philege wrote:
"You are not my fairy God father to tell me what I can or cannot do."

Come now ... just a few days ago you told me I was powerful enough to have personally created smallpox. Then you were begging others to join your hate-filled tirade to condemn me in the name of GOD. You can't have it both ways. While I am not your fairy GOD father I am the invisible purple rhinoceros.

Philege wrote:
"the first covenant was only for the Jews, the second covenant is for every one, unfortunately even for you."

Can someone get Philege a synapse or two. You mean GOD had one set of rules for thousands of years for Jews and woke up one morning and decided to create another set of conflicting rules for Indians, Azeris, Turks, and Afrikaaners? Wow!

Did he or did he not slaughter everyone on the planet including newborn infants?

Did he or did he not create smallpox?

Your hypocrisy is seemingly boundless?
DA Morgan