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posted 12 February, 2006 09:19
Philege wrote:
"My God because you compare my God to Bin Laden's"

Your GOD is bin Laden's. One and the same. The GOD of Abraham to you ... Ibrahim to bin Laden. Creator of the same Garden of Eden. Creator of the very same Adam to both of you. Creator of Satan to you, Iblis to him. Creator of the very same Jesus to you ... Isa to the Quranic writers. You are two peas from the same pod. You are believers in the exact same religion. The differences are as insignificant. Two dogs from the same litter.

If one reads the Koran one can see that there is something very different between it and the Bible. If you read the story of Joseph in the Koran, it tells you that the other women asked Pharoah's wife 'To swear by Allah' now we all know that the Egyptians at that time believed in Ra the Sun God and Isis etc, so one can see an obvious fabrication within the Koran. One can find many such inconsistencies with our scriptures that make me seriously doubt whether the God the claim to worship is one and the same as ours.

Also Mohammed cannot even be compared with Jesus, because he was a sinner and an ordinary man who married and for many years was a heathen. Funny enough the Moslems claim that Mohammed confirmed the Gospel was true and yet they despise we who uphold it. I would describe Islam as the Revelation description of "Looked like a lamb but spoke as a dragon." So Mr. Morgan Islam is not one dot or one iota the same as Christianity in my estimation at least. Sorry I can't confirm where your note comes from I don't have a photgraphic memory.