Not entirely true DA; aboriginal, pagan and most of the Eastern philosophies all have their idea of astral travel, souls and such which predate Christianity by a few centuries at least.

My humble thoughts on religion and science are simple. There are many religions that use herbs and naturally ocurring substances to heal and perform what seems like miraculous cures. Many of the aborignal people profess belief in some spirits within the substance that heals. Centuries ago those ideas were deemed evil works of the heathens who would corrupt the good European souls. It turns out all those herbs and natural substances are now being vindicated by science as having truly amazing properties.

There is quite a movement among biologists to study the medicine of the remaining native people to learn what we can before that knowledge and the animals and plants are gone. This has happened over and over where one religion or belief system denounces another and then over time science provides the clear truth. I think science can prove or disprove the technical details of certain organized religions. Science is continously discovering new evidence of things that were condsidered supersitious poppycock, look up Cranial Sacral therapy, the effects meditation and such has on healing and you will see that not all things that were considered poppycock 20 years ago still are today.

I do not believe in A god so to speak, nor that there is a creator, but I do believe that in the end science will provide justification for many beliefs that were denounced centuries ago.