I have given my own names to two subjects not covered by anything I have read:

1. infiniverse = this is a product of the belief that there is more than one universe, and more than one multiverse and more than one multi- multiverse and so on. the infiniverse is literally everything.

2. the golden laws = basically every single rule of science (known and unknown) that particles abide by to produce everything

It is true that nothing can exist without a physical form. to exist, something must have mass.
Religion states that a sentient being created everything out of nothingness. This is not possible; to create something, the being would already have had to be there, therefore contradicting the entire belief of creation since something that doesn't exist can't just appear, fully formed and sentient out of nothing. People can then argue, doesn't that apply for the multiverse aswell. The answer is yes, it does, the multiverse also could not have sprang out of nothingness. but, to believe that the infiniverse was there before life is much more logical because life is a product of the golden laws. people then say, who invented these laws. the answer is that these laws could not have been invented because intelligence is a product of the llaws.