Can someone get Philege a synapse or two. You mean GOD had one set of rules for thousands of years for Jews and woke up one morning and decided to create another set of conflicting rules for Indians, Azeris, Turks, and Afrikaaners? Wow!

Okay Mr.purple rhinoceros, I'll explain a thing or two. The Jews were chosen by God to be rulers of this earth. There was a condition set to this. If the Jews followed God's laws given through Moses they would inherit the kingdom, however if they did not they would lose everything which would then be given to others. Also don't forget there are many other false religions now don't pretend you know that your master 'Uncle Lucy'is the one who set these up to confuse mankind not God. God is wonderful for me, I don't know about you who abides in darkness. Everytime you say something bad about my God my faith multiplies hundredfold. In fact I am glad to have been part of this forum, because it has helped my spirituality to grom immensely. Thanks for tempering my faith Mr. Morgan, please keep it up, its fantastic. Alleluiah!!!!!!!!!