Philege wrote:
"As for Aramanth, how come you never comment on D. A. Morgan's persistent insults which are also not science related."

Actually my comments are science related. Science, at its essence, is about the scientific method. About things that are verifiable and repeatable. I offer commentary that is verifiable and repeatable and do so to clearly demonstrate the distinction between science and people that throw around four letter words and vague promises from authorless books. Hope that helps.

Philege wrote:
"How am I threatening Dan by telling him that the God he is insulting is one he does not know whom he is dealing with."

Amazing. Just a few column inches later you wrote:
"Let the Catholic Church read what you are writing about God and I am sure they would wish the Inquisition was still around to deal with you."

And you don't see that as a threat? Have you gone off your medication? The Roman Catholic church has apologized for it and has been deeply saddened and embarrased by it ... and you haven't got a clue.

Philege wrote:
"I repeat that I do not hate you as a person, but I hate what you write especially about God."

Hate is hate is hate. You seemingly are consumed by it. Draw a line with a pencil if you wish ... but I expect to be reading about you in the newspaper given your inability to control yourself.

Philege wrote:
"Are you saying that there are no atheist child abusers. I am certain that these far outnumber Catholic ones."

Actually this is not true. Studies conducted by the Catholic church and released as part of court cases indicated that the level of abuse by priests was significantly higher than that in the general public. But then you probably wouldn't know about it as the study wasn't sanctioned reading.

Bladnad ... do you know Philege personally or are you just responding to what is posted here? I have taken a copy of Philege's postings to the priest at St. Monica's here where I live and he was, quite frankly, shocked that any catholic would have, or could have, written this vitriol. Not just the parts for which he apologizes above but his wholesale misrepresentations of church doctrine. If you know him ... you might want to have a talk with him about asking for help.
DA Morgan