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[qb] Think big, don't think about details. Some times I think that scientists spend too much time looking down a microscope and fail to see the big picture.
Dr. Senge in The Fifth Discipline. wrote "So it should come as no surprise that the unhealthiness of our world today is in direct proportion to our inability to see it as a whole." (Self-centred thinking) (Systems Thinking) Fragmentary thinking becomes systemic when we recover 'the memory of the whole'.... Competition becomes cooperation when we discover the 'community nature of the self'.... "In the new systems worldview, we move from the primacy of pieces to the primacy of the whole, from absolute truths to coherent interpretations, from self to community....

Actions have consequences, when we make decisions it is important to consider the interests of everyone. So many problems have occured because of people concentrating on their own self-interests. They may solve one problem, but in turn create many more problems in the process.

Ps. 119:18 "Open my eyes, so that I may see the wonderful truths in your law."