Philege wrote:
"You may think that what I write is insulting but what about what Dan has written about our God."

I didn't insult your god ... I repeated is very own statements about himself directly from his autobiography. Did he or did he not claim to have created the universe and everything in it? Did he or did he not claim to be the cause of the flood of Noah? Did he or did he not claim to have killed every first born male in Egypt at the time of the Exodus? If the truth is insulting would you prefer your god be honored by lies?

Oh and check out the reaction of Moslems to Danish cartoons. Like I said ... you and bin Laden would likely make great friends.

Philege wrote:
"Yes, God created satan. But He created him perfect"

So your definition of perfection in creation is satan. Congratulations are in complete agreement. That which is perfect can not become otherwise ... because were it to do so, based on its original perfection ... it must have been the creator's plan. You just make this so much fun.

Philege wrote:
"God gave you like satan your master a free will to choose."

Thus my doing this is by god's design. Who are you to question how we use the gift? Who are you to question god's design? What impudence? What egotism? What sacriledge.

Philege wrote:
nothing in response to the statement by me:
"Your god created polio, anthrax, smallpox, malaria, and childhood leukemia"

Why? What is it about this simple statement of fact that sends you running to hide under the covers? It is the truth and you know it. You can not claim to have created the universe and deny creating smallpox can you.

My use of the lower-case 'g' rather than 'G' is by design and has nothing to do with your fantasy invisible purple rhinoceros. Face the questions with integrity if you can.

And if you wish to hide under the hypcrosy that the case of a 'g' or 'G' makes a difference and claim satan as a god, not God, then you are in violation of the tenants of your own faith. I thought lying was a sin.

Philege wrote:
"Why did God drown the entire world. Read the scriptures. Man had become so wicked that if you had been alive at that time you would have been raped and rendered eternally pigeon toed."

Oh I've read the scripture. In fact I've read the Latin Volgate in its original which I doubt you could even consider. But you are playing games and I'm going to call you on it.

Newborn children were drowned. Were they wicked? One year olds were drowned too. Were they wicked? Dogs, cats, birds, horses, all drowned. Were they wicked too? Was drowning them the ONLY solution or just the one that involved pain and suffering and thus was most appealing to your GOD?

Go ahead ... pray to your GOD ... pray him give me a papercut ... pray he turn me into a glowing cinder ... I challenge your GOD to do anything.

Drowned us because we were wicked ... sorry I'm not ready to let that go. Drowned everyone because they were wicked and sat on his furry butt during the holocaust, during the Turkish genocide, during the Cambodian genocide. What a bloody minded hypocrite you worship.

Philege wrote:
"Give me the name of this child and the precise location, and I challenge you too! He will recover."

If your GOD is truly GOD he can bloody well figure it out for himself. Let him figure out which specific child I am referring to or even better let him actually do something decent and cure them all. What a concept. Actually do something helpful rather than hurtful. Bring comfort to a dying child rather than pain. Like I said ... you pray your heart out. I'll be in The Hutch Sunday and will report back on your success or failure.
DA Morgan