Winning at gambling ... certainly doing the lords work. Going to the Fred Hutch tomorrow morning. Pray harder hypocrite.

Playing the lottery which goes to a lot of good causes, and you don't know what I do with my winnings, maybe I donate them all to charity. If this would go one iota towards changing your attitude I would gladly stop gambling. The fact of the matter is we all sin in some form or another and no one person can stop doing wrong entirely. As for Fred Hutch, you refused to give a name for me, well I leave this in God's wonderful hands.

Your god? Do you have the receipt from the purchase. Because it seems the batteries need to be replaced.

My God because you compare my God to Bin Laden's
I do not own God, so what receipt are you writing about. Do not suppose that my God is Bin Laden's just because he claims so. My God introduced a law of love through His Son Jesus and I have never killed anyone. How can you compare me and my beliefs to someone like that. I now realise through Blacknad that it is a waste of time trying to convince someone like you to think differently. God in HIs own way, and on His own day will reveal himself to you, and like Paul you will do His work with vigour and power the opposite of your hateful thinking. I realise that reading your postings concerning God will start to influence me like they are influencing to Blacknad, therefore I will avoid reading them in future for they are inspired by the wicked one. Of this I have no doubt whatsoever. Goodbye servant of darkness!