If anyone decides to insult God, it is their freedom to do so. I am not a self appointed guardian of the internet. I get angry at political correctness in its many forms and the thought policing that goes on today by the far left in Britain - (even though I'm left of centre, politically). I am not going to engage in trying to suppress people expressing themselves, by threats and taunts.

And as for sucking up to Dan - see it as you will, but his arguments carry some weight and he has caused me to examine what I believe more that anything else has - and his unbelief is not reactionary, it is deeply held and well thought out, but you have never engaged with him long enough to find out.

I have also never said I think that homosexuality is right. I do not, but you seem to have missed the point that Christ said he had come to fulfil the law. The law was based upon enmity and wrath. When the unfaithful woman was brought before Christ for stoning, what did he say? 'Only those without any wrong in them can stand in judgement of this woman's behaviour.' And then (with the implication that He had the right to stand in judgement), he forgave her, but told her to mend her ways.

The law showed us what things are like if we choose separation from God - Christ showed us what it is like to live under grace.

So I engage with gays as if there is no issue, but I'm prepared to be true to scripture and say I do not agree with their behaviour if I'm asked, just as I know that some aspects of my own behaviour aren?t right. I find it hateful that some Christians will go out of their way to offend, insult and damn someone based upon their sexual orientation or behaviour.


Philege - "I despise him for that."

- Has your particular flavour of Christianity made you full of anger and judgement?

Philege ? ?Get stuffed Blacknad.?

- Again, is this where your Christianity brings you.

I challenge you to think about what Christ meant when he told us to love even our enemies. Christ DID judge and insult people, but surprisingly this behaviour was reserved exclusively for Religious leaders who oppressed their people. As a believer you have no grounds for dealing with anyone without tolerance and acceptance, whilst speaking what you perceive to be the truth (but humbly, knowing that it is your own fallible interpretation of matters that are deep and complex).