Philege wrote:
"Well I told you that I need the name of the child in order for my prayers to work and you would not supply them. So blame yourself."

Your arrogance and hypocrisy rise to a new level. Your GOD is so impotent he needs a name? Would a photograph help? How about a copy of the birth certificate and the father's cell phone number. But the classic: "Blame yourself."

Excuse me but I didn't create cancer: Your GOD did.
Excuse me but I didn't give the child the cancer: Your GOD did.
Excuse me but I'm not the one claiming to be the most powerful force in the universe: Your GOD did.
Excuse me but I'm not the one causing the painful death of an innocent young child: Your GOD is!

Then Philege wrote:
"I guess you were scared that the truth might be revealed to you!"

The only thing that scares me is people that are brainwashed. You sir are truly frightening. It is your kind that starts and participates in holy wars. It is your kind that burns people at the stake. It is your kind that is filled with intolerance and hatred. And when it comes to fear ... read what you've written about yourself ... you are afraid to read Rushdie.

Then Philege demonstrated the power of Jesus Christ running through his veins when he wrote:
"Catch a crap Morgan!" No commentary is required here methinks. Back to the confessional.

Philege wrote:
"Faith baby, that's all I need!"

Remember that the next time you get an infection. Remember that the next time you are thinking about an appointment at the dentist. Remember that the next time you flip a light switch or look at a computer or drink uncontaminated water. The only thing reaching the level of heaven in your presence is the height of the hypocrisy.

You a Catholic? Not a chance. The Catholic church does not discourage its followers from reading books. The Catholic church does not teach that one should be wilfully ignorant. The Catholic church does not sanction the kind of hatred and vitriol that fills your heart.

Of course along with the Inquisition I guess there is one other little insult to human intelligence the Catholic church has wrought. The declaration by a pope that Capybara is a fish.

For those that don't know about this sick little joke:
it does go to show the fact that Philege apparently is honoring a long history of hypcrisy.

I think I'd like you more if you were an alcoholic. For alcoholics there are 12 step programs. People like you hiding behind the cassocks of the church remind me of the child abusers too who claimed to be good Catholics.

Perhaps though I should print what you've posted here at SAGG and show it to the priest at our local church. I'm sure he'd be most amused at what you have done in the church's name.
DA Morgan