Philege wrote:
"If one reads the Koran one can see that there is something very different between it and the Bible."

Yep ... one was written in one language the other in another language. Both are celebrations of one and the same GOD and a religion originating with one and the same man. You want to claim your version is more correct than theirs have at it. GOD made far more of them than he did you and your kind. And certainly GOD has shown them favor as he instructed all to be fruitful and multiply and they've done one heck of a good job of following the rule.

Philege also wrote:
"Also Mohammed cannot even be compared with Jesus, because he was a sinner and an ordinary man who married and for many years was a heathen."

And your source for this information is? Provide me with verifiable information. Sources that can be verified. Not authorless books written in a language you can not read and intentionally mistranslated repeatedly. Give me facts or admit you are just making it all up.

Then Philege wrote:
"Oh so you thought I was leaving, I meant that I would not read any more of your tripe"

But you didn't. You lied. Lying is a sin. You are a sinner. Go confess you sins.

Then Philege wrote:
"Don't forget that God introduced a New Covenant through His Son Jesus. Above relates to the Old covenant."

New Covenant? You mean what he did before was wrong? He made a mistake? He was at one time an evil bloodthirsty monster but he got into a 12 step program and reformed?

How can a perfect deity change its mind except to admit its lack of perfection?

You'd think a real GOD would have other than fools for minions.
DA Morgan