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Reply by Mike Kremer "I'm so absolutely positive that DNA was created by a natural process, that I offer these additional proofs".
REP:by dkv: Who said it was created by some unnatural process?
Reply by Mike Kremer "It seems that you do agree that DNA was created by NATURAL processes"

And also you would like to see a 'good definition of life'

Thats not so easy to define. There are many different types of life.
There is 'simple life, its almost on a molecular level. Its life that has the smallest amount of DNA, and still be able to survive. That type of life we call:-A Virus.
Unfortunately it cannot survive without a living protein...supplied by a human or animal.
Neither can simple life think!
And yet it does have the ability to seek out a warm bodied protein host. Simple life has the ability to seek out sunshine, like algae. Or seek darkness, Co2 and Sulphur....like Oxygen hating extremophiles. Or like another type of life that lives within the salty metallic waters of hot deep sea vents. It IS a type of THINKING based upon the molecular affinity of different chemical surfaces that interact with each other.
What I am saying is that the very simplest early types of life came into being without the presence or need of a God.
Hot, salty, metallic liquids and gases, constructed themselves into simple replicating nano bacteria (for want of a better definition)
Different nano bacteria, or viruses, developed differently within different conditions, right here on Earth.

So what does all life have in common?
Answer. ALL LIFE IS SELF REPLICATING, provided it has the chemicals (nutrients) to enable it to survive!

(Its strange that IF life has JUST the ability to replicate, it would ultimately destroy itself, rather like a disease we call cancer)

American Scientists have developed Nano-Robots a self-replicating process in which devices whose diameters are of atomic scale, on the order of nanometers, able to create copies of themselves. (A nanometer is 10-9 meter or a millionth of a millimeter) Its function is to construct at least one copy of itself during its operational life.
One example might be an artificial anti-body?

von Neumann, was the name of the man that first proposed the feasability of making a self replicating machines.

A study that has now been taken up by NASA for
use upon the Moon

Are Man made replicating bodies, the same as life?
It might just depend upon who is doing the looking
The fact that they would be many millions of times bigger than natural Viruses, would arouse an Aliens suspicions. Early man made replicating bodies, might not be able to protect themselves from any adverse conditions, like lack of chemicals (materials) excessive heat or drought. But that could be overcome...eventually.
By just going back, and copying the inter molecular atomic surface forces, that I am sure governed the beginings of early life upon this Earth, and elswhere.


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