What do you consider as special?
Think and answer.
All the religious stories do not fall into the domain of reality as perceived by us.
Those who practice it admit that they are talking about something which is not part of our domain of understanding(which is Science).
We all know that neither the Science , nor the religion knows how to express the reality in its completeness.
Both knew some part of it.
They both celebrate what they can explain.
They both forget that inevitabily there will be something more to acheive.
Both must grow within their own domains.
The apparent contradiction is limited to limited understanding of Sceince and Religion.
The day when we will discover the final truth we will realize that we were both saying the same thing but using different languages.
Religious concepts must not be taken literally.
In most cases it can have more than one meaning.
And fianlly there is no need to give excuses to start a fight.
In the next reply I hope to get a good defintion of life.