Talk about perfection and I have a long list.
But when someone told me that even the most perfect man made creation fails to sustain its beauty over time, I smiled at the Nature for sustaining the non-physical creation of Her's.
Perfectionist of physical reality call for unimaginable event to happen everytime and everywhere.
Sadly they fail to appreaciate the base desire of Mother Nature.Even there own theory is based upon Evolution which hardly cares for the survival stragies used by the then species.
Some call it stupidity if there are signs relating to nearest ancestor in chain but I call it a remider of my dearest and nearest brother.
And please give time to the Nature to improve and forget what needs to be forgotten.Thanks to her we no more lay eggs in the water.
Asking her to give you the PERFECT physical answer right now is like asking Her to populate the entire Universe with my dear friends now.
It doesnt work that way.
It takes time.
May be we will have two more hands tomorrow but only two legs.And then again you will complain.
Before you call someone stupid make sure that you are not.(it was just a joke)