Philege wrote:
"I think a Christian who embrances homosexuality is mentally sick and unstable"

Well Philege if you wish to adhere strictly to the bible then lets get to it. When do you plan to start stoning adulterers. Because if you don't you are just advertising religious hypocrisy ... only wanting to enforce that which you agree with. Another strong point of similarity between you, the Taliban, and bin Laden. You guys would be the best of buddies. And, of course, you could all hate me with equal gusto.

Philege wrote:
"... the fact of the matter is anyone who defies my God will see my wrath in script."

Your god? Do you have the receipt from the purchase. Because it seems the batteries need to be replaced.

Philege wrote:
"...if you want to martyr me...."

Yep just like bin Laden. You too are so similar it is amazing. To fear-mongers hiding behind their religion to promote hatred and hypocrisy.

We are not insulting your lord. We are saying your personal interpretation is painfully in violation of all reasonable interpretations of that religion in the same way that Moslem extremists redefine their religion into a farse. And if your god does exist he certainly can not be smiliing about someone violating his most sacred principles on his behalf. If he wants to be defended let him get off his furry butt and do it himself.

Winning at gambling ... certainly doing the lords work. Going to the Fred Hutch tomorrow morning. Pray harder hypocrite.
DA Morgan