Falliable wrote:
"1) The definition of god doesn't necessarily include the notion of perfection."

It does in a Judeo-Christian-Islamic world. Don't believe me? Go to any priest, rabbi, minister, whatever you wish and ask them whether their god is perfect. Whether their god has ever made a mistake. Google for more responses. But you'll find this prey typical: www.bible.org/page.asp?page_id=228

Your argument that what we perceive as a mistake may have been part of the plan is nonsense on its face. Maybe god put up Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed as false prophets to fool us too. Stick around another 2000 years to find out the laugh was on us. As good an argument as the invisible purple rhinoceros.

"One definition of death could be "change"

So by your definition you are dead. Not much point in responding to you, eh? When does a bacteria die? How about a plant?

"Science ... It does not ground in the real world"

You could not be further from the truth. Don't paint something you don't understand with your personal ignorance. Next time you go to a doctor with an infection, and he offers you an antibiotic, be sure to refuse it and tell him science is not grounded in the real world. And stop using electricity and your computer. They too are obviously not grounded in the real world.
DA Morgan