You a Catholic? Not a chance. The Catholic church does not discourage its followers from reading books. The Catholic church does not teach that one should be wilfully ignorant. The Catholic church does not sanction the kind of hatred and vitriol that fills your heart.

Ask you local priest if it's alright to read Jehovah's Witness Material, you'll see what I mean.

I think I'd like you more if you were an alcoholic. For alcoholics there are 12 step programs. People like you hiding behind the cassocks of the church remind me of the child abusers too who claimed to be good Catholics.

Did I say I was a good Catholic, ofcourse according to you I am a bad Catholic, well you are a very bad and wicked atheist, the most vile I have encountered, not an ounce of decency and respect for that which you don't understand. And surprisingly you get support from a warped christian. I repeat that I do not hate you as a person, but I hate what you write especially about God. And I will never fail to defend Him on a forum such as this. My only regret is that I let my anger forsake my aims and I fail by writing what I should not. For that I am trully sorry.

Anyway here is a little story for you.

There was once an athieistic professor at Harvard university, who was arguing with a christian student about the existence of God. He then took a new piece of chalk and said to his students. "To prove there no God, I am going to drop this piece of chalk on the floor, and if it does not break I will believe that God exists." The christian student then asked the professor if he could first pray before he dropped the chalk. "Be my guest! Pray all day if you want." The student went on his knees and prayed, " Heavenly Father, Please show this man that you do trully exist, not for my sake but for his sake." After the student finished praying The professor let the piece of chalk go, at that precise moment a small wind blew against the professor's gown. It cause the gown to flip outwards and catch the chalk, cushioning it's fall and making it roll harmlessly on to the floor, not a speck or flake of chalk was released. The professor was shocked and awed and immediately went on his knees to acknowledge and worship God. Howzat! Mr. Morgan Sir!