Oh, and E = mc^2 - thought I'd better get some science in somewhere. What a load!

I sometimes feel slighted by Dan's comments, but at least they are consistent with what he believes. The same cannot be said of your profanities, insults and arrogant gloating and posturing. These are certainly not consistent with the scriptural teachings I know.

Yes Blacknad,

It's funny that you give no response when I say something good, like when I apologised to you, you would not accpet my apology, so don't go pointing your crooked finger at me acting like you are a perfect christian. Your view on homosexuality and the like show me what sort of christian you are. I told you about removing the fat log from your eye before you start taking out the smote from my eye.

As for Aramanth, how come you never comment on D. A. Morgan's persistent insults which are also not science related. How am I threatening Dan by telling him that the God he is insulting is one he does not know whom he is dealing with.

Anyway for something science related, even intelligent Einstein at least beleived in God.