"Blacknad and you other crusaders, how can you allow this man to mock your Lord and you say nothing, it is worse than giving the other cheek. Let us rebuke the works of the evil one."


I have had a good constructive discussion with Dan and have learnt to respect him. I agree with many of his points, but not all. I have realised that it all depends upon your starting point - and everything flows from there. We have different paradigms and we therefore interpret information in different ways.

My faith in God is intact and very strong, I have experienced too much of the supernatural - before I came to Christ my life was screwed and I was heavily into witchcraft - I have seen things that leave me in no doubt that 'what we can see is not all there is'.

But I have also decided that SAGG was becoming a bit of an obsession and I need to spend more time engaging in life. So I will not spend so much time defending my beliefs and I am content to know that God is capable of looking after himself. So I just read and learn from SAGG now, there are some excellent current threads on the science board.

Christianity is attacked all over the net, do you want to have a full time occupation of posting in the myriad forums?

And I'm sorry to say that I find your method of defending God to be offensive. You descend to insult, threats and the ridiculous, (come on - how many times does Amaranth have to censor the contents of your posts?). Your challenge to pray for a cancer ridden child and your statement that he/she will be saved because God always answers your prayers sounds pretty much out of line with 'You shall not test the Lord your God'. To me you sound mentally unstable and need a little help connecting with reality. I am sorry to say that to you - but I think it's true.

I seem to remember that you have a failsafe method of winning the lottery - how did that go?

Your answer to Dan's eight statements simply show that you just don't understand what's at the core of his arguments. You need to think more deeply about what he says.

Your answer to number one is theologically incorrect and infers some things that we just cannot know.

And your threat to rot Dan's finger makes me think that you might sympathise with the Muslims's who threaten death to cartoonists.