but more on the back end because that was moving towards the air and crashed into it at a higher relative velocity than the other parts of the pipe.

if you release pressurized air into outer space from a space ship do you think the air would travel in a straight line?

no! the air would expand greatly because it is at a higher pressure and is entering a low pressure area.

the force of air inside the pipe on its sides would not apply a force that would stop the pipe.

and remember the end of the pipe is 500 ft away.

so by the time the air reaches the end of the pipe it has diffused into a 50 inch diameter cross section over the entire 500 ft length of the pipe.

so there may be a tiny amount of force applied to the end of the pipe 500 ft away from the nozzle where the air comes out of the tank , but hardly enough to slow the pipe much less stop the pipe.

because as the air mass is moving out of the nozzle
as force (F) which is higher than any (-F) force being
applied at the end of the pipe 500 ft away the force that
causes the pipe to move is greater than any force that
could slow or stop the pipe.

these forces are not applied at seperate times they are applied at the same time.

the greater force overcomes the lesser force.

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