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As I said, I didn't bother to follow your complicated working.

So its normal for you to just simply state your uninformed opinion
on subject matter.
even if you havent read the information presented , you automatically
follow with your opinion of the information that you havent read.

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do you think you can push a 100 kg mass on earth with a 1 kg force.

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Despite your insults, it's clear you haven't got the faintest idea about mechanics. That's especially easy for a boat floating on calm water, where friction goes towards zero at low speed.

given that I was refering to the frictionless environment of zero g
what you posted has pretty much confirmed my assessment of your cognitive abilities
and your mechanical abilities including your knowledge of mechanics.

you used a boat in water -- low friction -- when I was refering to a mass
sitting on the ground -- on earth.

ie...the resistance to movement of a object sitting on earth due to gravity.

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notice I did not include resistance.

a mass in space is the same as a mass on earth , only you can push it
with less force because there is zero resistance to movement in zero g.

the only difference between a mass on earth and a mass in zero g is

it still has the same mass.
so it requires the same force.

do you think you can push a 100 kg mass on earth with a 1 kg force.

I suppose you read the last line of what I posted above and constructed
your anology from that single line.
as you have already informed us that you dont fully read information you
just breeze through it.

Brilliant not even slightly smart , and common among naysayers.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.