your formula will not work without the (((((( MASS )))))
of the air.

and your formula will not work without the velocity of
the ((((((( MASS )))))))

Because we don't have a cone, m*Ve is zero. Therefore, the amount of thrust at a full tank is:
F = (Pt-Pa)*Ae
F = (10132kPa-101kPa)*0.00064516m^2
F = 6471N

suppose the mass = 1.29 and the velocity is
5000 m/s

1.29 * 5000 = 6450

we begin with a much larger number than zero ...

6450 + 6471 = 12921 N

twice the amount that you first posted.

however even your math below is incorrect.

F = (10132kPa-101kPa)*0.00064516m^2
F = 6471N

the answer to the above is
6.471 not 6471

and your calling me a moron? LOL

and later you say that I cannot read a formula , when it
is you that seems to lack that ability , not in just
comprehending them but also in performing calculations with them.

they dont just put elements in formulas because they dont have anything else to do.

they put them there because they are a critical part of the formula , otherwise they would have left them out in the first place.

without mass you cannot have a force.
and by assumming that the air has both no mass or velocity
will never render a close solution to the formula.

and how does the formula know how heavy air is?

unless you tell it....

theres no sence in calling people names , it just shows your inability to deliver a inteligent responce therefore you revert to name calling.

did you even watch the video - the tracks the box travels on are clearly attached to the switch.

yes I did watch the video , and if the wires are attached to the tracks it only shows that he didnt want people thinking that the box was being pulled by the wires.

it obviously has an electric motor in it , we cant transmit electricity through the air anymore like Tesla did , and maybe the electric motor is too big and power consumming to
have a battery in the box, after all he is just demostrating an reactionless effect.

meaning there is no direct force applied to the box that leaves the box as thrust or a direct push with a force.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.