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and continues to move in that direction.

It doesn't continue to move, it stops. The pipe had momentum while it was moving, but it soon transfers that to the internal gasses travelling in the opposite direction, stopping them both.

Please read the post I made earlier listing the states of the system. Tell me where you disagree.

Just saying "it'll keep moving because I was taught in school that moving things keep moving" doesn't work, you were taught wrong, sorry.


when you are trained to fail its hard to succede.

When you know nothing, it's hard to succeed either. Notice that the world it full to bursting with people having no science education, but they're not inventing perpetual motion or propellent-free rockets. I wonder why. Some of them are inventing mechanical gadgets, things that just require ingenuity, intelligence, effort and lucky good ideas. But they're not tearing down these solidly established theories.