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your formula will not work without the (((((( MASS )))))
of the air.

and your formula will not work without the velocity of
the ((((((( MASS )))))))

and your calling me a moron? LOL

Yes, I am. And you just proved me right.

Mass is an intrinsic value needed for the calculation of pressure. You cannot calculate pressure without first knowing the amount of gas molecules present. pV=nRT, assuming an ideal gas.

Ergo, if you know the pressure, you can calculate force without knowing the mass of the gas itself.

And since it bears repeating:

Pressure is measured as force/area. In Si units that is newtons and meters-squared respectively.

A newton is a kg*m/s^2

You'll notice mass - kilograms - is an intrinsic part of force. And since force is an intrinsic part of pressure, mass is also an intrinsic part of pressure.

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without mass you cannot have a force.
and by assumming that the air has both no mass or velocity
will never render a close solution to the formula.

Since I assumed no such thing, your point is?

The formula is so simple, I'm amazed you still don't get it. NASA gets it, high schoolers making bottle rockets get it. Heck, even revlon (makers of lipstick, amoung other things) gets it.

Apparently, you don't.

When talking about a compressible fluid emerging from a pipe or other closed structure, the force it produces is equal to the the force generated due to the pressure difference pushing the fluid out of the pipe, PLUS the energy harnessed from the expansion of the gas (if you have a nozzle to take advantage of that expansion).


[m*Ve] calculates the energy derived from the nozzle, and is determined by how effectively the nozzle uses the pressure to accelerate the gas. No nozzle and this value is zero.

[Pt-Pa]Ae calculates the force generated due to the pressure difference, taking into account the size of the opening between the high-pressure and low-pressure regions. No mass is necessary, since mass is already accounted for by pressure.

The above IS rocket science, but its still pretty simple science.

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theres no sence in calling people names , it just shows your inability to deliver a inteligent responce therefore you revert to name calling.

LOL, pot meet kettle...