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I think we should wait until we have the technology to travel to our closest planet before we take such a huge step.

Well, by saying "the ship will be assembled in space" I meant "after we might have established an industrial capacity in space using/mining/refining resources in space".
Of course a One-Way-Mission to the nearest star (which hasn't got small planet in the habitable zone) implies we have to have the technology and experience to build and maintain a society in space.

My question is, if it is possible at all to reach the nearest Stars without referring to unproven hypothesis and technologies which probably will never be developed.
(Like FTL, "free Energy").

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some feasible fuel supply that can be taxed.

There is no such thing as nontaxable-stuff.
If need arises a parliament could invent taxes for IR-Emissions, regardless if the energy for this emissions comes from coal, nuclear fusion or "free energy"...

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